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Check out your addictions

One spouse too social?
Heads Talking

Stuck in a rut?

Often feel this way

Have a friend or family member sweeping everything under the rug?


Even a tank has it’s bullies, recluses, clowns, grievers,
snakes, toxic ones and those with ick...

Perhaps you have tanked and need some help...

Questions to ask yourself:
  • Have you suffered ...
  • Are you anxious ...
  • Do you have anxiety over a relationships?
  • Have you lost interest in the things you loved to do?

Consider a Mental Health Checkup

Some Things to Consider

Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome

Any negative event that threatens your well being and becomes a disorder of recovery may cause present and future distress, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, fear, rapid mood changes, and a host of intrusive thoughts and dreams.

All mental and emotional illness separate us from reality. We may turn to self-mutilation, drugs, sex, pornography, excessive spending on another behavior to distance the pain.

Seek help: The number one coping strategy.



  • Challenged to provide a strong sense of self for each partner
  • Perfect the "art of intimacy" after eight hour workday
  • Ignore soaps and movies that imply right around the corner: A Perfect One
  • Grateful and blessed for those who met and mated a soul mate
  • At risk: mutuality and humility - all of us act sometimes like 10s and sometimes like 4s
  • One is often content with present circumstances
  • The other: affairs, flings, flirting, and fantasizing on the web.

Couples ...

A couple relationship needs:
  • Chemistry
  • Comfort
  • Communication

There is no warrentee / guarantee in your relationship

  • Your investment is a daily gift and not an insurance policy of permancy of the other.
  • One may leave for a host of reasons
  • Processing the loss is a major accomplishment

Therapy for relationships: ask yourself ...

  • Should you stay or go?
  • Should you try couple's therapy?
  • Can I change?
  • Can my partner change?
  • Does cheating always end the relationship?

Continued problems that go unresolved and compulsive cheating will probably weaken the love-bond which is worse than divorce!

Use self-help materials

Schedule an appointment if you cannot resolve differences.

Dr. Teddy has a fellow in bereavement from the
Association for Death Education and Counseling
association of death dying and bereavement losses that are ignored can haunt us later physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

March 4, 2014 I lost my son Ted who at the age of 50 took his own life. All losses are personal and rarely understood by others who struggle with the losses that surround the bereavement. There is no "getting over it" and it is a battleground to learn to live with it and reinvest in life.

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